unboundspirit (unboundspirit) wrote in lshs_key_club,

Shorewood Kiwanis saghetti dinner

whats up all!!! the speghetti dinner is this sunday noon to 6 we are selling tickets. 8$ for adult 3$ for children. talk to me MATT WASHE, Stephen, or kemner if you can sell some a potion of our tickets sold will go to key club.i have a bunch still and i have even started selling them. theres also raffles we can sell. so plz help me sell them. there clowns balloons door prizes too. this is a actual dinner with spaghetti, meat sauce, salad, rolls, BUTTER, DESSERT, beverages and cash bar. mmm food i know. i was also wondering if a couple people would like to go eat all there food for fun. its only 8 dollars so come on lets EAT THERES CLOWNS! o ya one more thing stephen is trying to sell tickets at a famer jacks or something and the foot ball game. so if you wana help tell me. hes probly going to make me do both so ill be there too.
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